Lincolnway Energy


Lincolnway Energy, LLC was formed on May 2004 to pool investors to build a name plate 50 million gallon per year dry mill ethanol plant. Lincolnway Energy has been processing corn into fuel grade ethanol and distillers’ grains at the ethanol plant since May 22, 2006. It is located in Nevada, Iowa in an area of abundant corn production. The site was chosen for its central proximity to an ample supply of feedstock, with a location near a major national transportation corridor of Interstate 35 and US Highway 30. It is adjacent to Union Pacific’s Class 1 Rail Road. The site is annexed by the City of Nevada with advantages of three phase electrical service, ample and inexpensive water supply, waste water discharge, fire protection and other municipal services.

Lincolnway Energy began extracting corn oil from the syrup which is generated in the production of ethanol in April 2008. In August 2010, Lincolnway Energy entered into an agreement with a third party to collect the carbon dioxide gas which is produced as part of the fermentation process and converts the raw carbon dioxide gas into a liquid carbon dioxide. Both of these co-products generate additional revenue for the company with minimal operating costs.

Lincolnway Energy strives to be an efficient and low cost producer of ethanol. Growing demand will keep the ethanol industry growing and will help assure a strong future for clean, renewable and domestically produced fuels that will benefit the country. Lincolnway Energy wants to be a long term player to continue to make this happen.


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